Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pathfinder: Camo Suit Tutorial

Hey there!

Here's a quick tutorial on making a Ghillie suit for all your scout, special ops, and recon needs!

You will need:

- A model
- gauze/bandage tape (you can find them at any drug store)
- Elmer's glue
- Grass Flock

1). Build your model, obviously

2). Cut up some tape into pieces for the model's camo suit. I like to apply a big piece down the back and a small bit over the head


3). Mix a bit of water into your elmer's glue and brush it over the tape

(Sorry for the lack of photos here)

3). Prime and Paint your model normally - paint all the taped areas a dark green/brown

4). Apply glue/flock to the taped areas, and a few spots like the top of the gun casing. Then, once it dries, hit all the flocked areas with a brown wash.

5). Hide the model where no one will ever find it! 

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