Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy, Dirt Cheap Capillary Towers

Hey everyone! Here's a tutorial on how to make Capillary Towers from egg cartons. They're super easy to make and if you have all the materials, which most people do, then they don't cost anything!

I apologize in advance if my tutorial isn't very clear; im not always great at explaining things. but hopefully the pictures will give u a better idea than my confusing directions :)

What you'll need:
Egg carton
a small rock
a base

1). Cut the egg carton into pieces like the ones below:

2). glue the pieces together in a stack, gluing them all on one corner so the tower has a slight curve (you can vary this pretty easily) Glue some spare round pieces of the carton to the bottom to build up the base, leaving a hollow space at the bottom

3). (this is optional) Take ur small rock and glue it to the base to make the tower bottom heavy. Then place your tower onto the base, over the rock

5). For the top, roll some of the carton into a cone shape and glue it together, then glue this to the top.

4). Grab your glue gun! fill in all the gaps between the carton pieces

5). glue some lines down the inward side of the tower, to make it look all alive and alien

6). For the spikes: roll a q tip in some glue (pva glue is easier, but the gluegun is faster) the q tip will form a point after a couple of turns, but after that itll start to fall apart so dont roll it too much. Repeat.

Then cut the tip off of the q tip and glue it onto the tower, and repeat!

7). add any more hot glue to areas you think need it. Then, prime and paint!

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  1. Calvin I love these, completely unique, interesting, cheap and easy to replicate. What's next?