Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nid City 2.0 - Part One

Hey guys

This is the very beginning of my big terrain project that i've nicknamed "Nid City 2.0" (2.0 because i got halfway through making a previous board and decided to restart it, after making several huge mistakes).

Basically, it's a Tyranid Infested City

I've divided the board into three parts that i will complete all the way to the end, so if i never finish the project, at the very least i'll have one third completely finished

And so, here are the first few steps, all completed! These ones  were all the boring measuring steps, so i'm glad i got most of them out of the way

For starters, i measured out all the sidewalks and bases and streets, then cut them out of MDF and glued them to... more MDF

Gonna be a lot of digestion pools, capillary towers, Tyranid egg things, tentacles's gonna be crazy. For now, you sort of have to use your imagination.

Next i got started on the two digestion pools and one plain crater. Cut some triangles out of Polystyrene  then covered them with a layer of spackling paste.

I also got started on the first building - in total, there will be five buildings, one pedestrian bridge, and one giant statue.

To give you an idea of the more finished board, here's my digestion pool test. The water effect here turned out a little opaque, but you get the idea.

Alright, that's it so far! There will be a lot more exciting steps in the future - i just wanted to post the beginning of the project to get it out there.

Stay tuned for asome tutorials on ruins and buildings...

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading

- Nox

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